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What have I done?
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I created the CraftyUK website – firstly from scratch then rebuilt it using WordPress.

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For the celebration of Cirencester Abbey reaching it’s 900th Anniversary, there is a year long festival in Cirencester. I created the website for them.


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Build for the modern web.

There isn’t much to know about me other than of my love for coding and making things work. 

I suppose this started when I was in Year 6 (aged 9/10) when I started to use the Family website to experiment with my own HTML coding. I used a lot of Quacit which was a great website for helping me to understand how it all works. 

I then moved onto something more...

When Mum was unable to use a script because of the simplicity of the server (no PHP, SQL or anything tasty), I discovered WordPress. The amazingly versatile PHP Blog/CMS. I began to use this more and more and from there develop my knowledge in PHP and SQL. 

WordPress, I owe you a lot.

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